Easy Rose Scarf

This scarf is very quick and easy. Here is what you  need:

Your favorite yarn (this scarf was made with a super chunky think-n-thin wool)
Crochet hook that is recommended for your favorite yarn
A plastic or metal ring (I used a key ring because it is all I could find)
A measuring tape
A tapestry needle
and about 45 minutes.

First make a rose from this pattern Rose Pattern

Take your remaining yarn and measure out 9 lengths of 90 inches.

***You can also chain your 90 inch lengths for a different look if you would like. It is recommended if you use a thinner yarn so that your scarf has some body.***

Next, you will sew the ring to the back of your finished rose. I use the tail left from sewing the rose together to save time and yarn. Sew about 1/4 to 1/3 around the circle.

Now take your lengths of tail yarn and fold them in half. You can tie them onto the ring a couple of different ways. You can do a slip knot or use the "latch hook" method which is what I did. It is much quicker.
**Do not tie all the tails on at once using one knot. It will be too thick.
Once you are done tying on the tails, simply gather all 18 pieces together and slip them through the ring, creating a lanyard and adjust your scarf to the style you want.
TA DA! So easy!

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