Embroidery Floss Roses

Embroidery Floss Crochet Roses

Using embroidery floss instead of yarn makes some amazingly cute petite roses. Great for hairclips, pins, rings, or any kind of decoration. 
What you need:
1 skein of embroidery floss (8.75 to 10 yards)
E hook (smaller if you want but this is the size I like to use)
Embroidery needle
Ch 29, dc in the 5th ch from hook, *Sk 1 ch, dc, ch1, dc in next st*. Repeat to the end of the ch. Ch 2, turn
5dc in the first ch sp in the previous row. Sc between the two dc (see picture). *6 dc in the next ch sp. Sc between the next 2 dc*. Repeat to the end. Finish off leaving a 6 inch tail.
Starting with the end of your lace strip that you just finished, roll up the strip like a burrito. Use the long tails to sew through the base to hold flower shape.

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